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1. Click on the button above – donations are accepted through PayPal.
2. Call to donate with a credit card (360) 861 – 4556.
‚Äč3. Mail a check to: THWC, 4 Old Beacon Road, Montesano WA 98563
*Your contributions are tax deductible – we are a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation.


Raptors face an abundant number of challenges every day. Most of the injuries that affect eagles, owls, and other raptors are a result of man-made structures and activities. Collisions with cars, power lines, windows, and fences, along with pesticides, poisons, and injuries from storms all have the potential to harm these wild birds.

A flight recovery facility is essential and required, but there aren’t enough. There are a limited number of rehabilitators that are licensed to care for raptors due to the federal requirements of having facilities large enough for housing and recovery. THWC can accept these birds so they can be assessed and stabilized, but then transferred to a permitted facility, with the nearest one two to three hours away. The activity of transferring one of these birds causes additional stress to an already traumatized raptor.

We are building a raptor flight conditioning enclosure. After the completion of this facility, we will be able to provide much needed housing and rehabilitation space for raptors. By building a new facility, we will reduce the stress of transport and alleviate the dependence on other licensed rehabilitators. This new enclosure will give more raptors an opportunity to survive and be set free.

How Can I Help?

The average cost for one week of basic rehabilitation care varies with the type of animal that comes to Twin Harbors Wildlife Center: $35 for each bird, $55 for each baby mammal, and $79 for each raptor. In order to provide the necessary care to rehabilitate wildlife, we rely heavily on individual donors like you.